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8 Things I Discourage My Web Design Company From Doing

If you are looking for web design professionals in your area, consider looking on the Internet first. The Internet is an excellent resource when searching for what exactly it is you want. It’s also a good place to get price quotes from web design professionals near you. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to compare different web designers on the Internet. Just remember to look around, check the web design reviews, and ask questions when necessary.

Mistake #1. Paying Too Much. Paying too much money for a web designer will inevitably result in a sub-par website, unprofessional appearance, and/or can cause a poor developer to disabled or delete a perfectly good website because of cost. So, when hiring a local web designer, always remember that you are paying for a highly skilled professional, not a generic, cheap web design project. Be aware that many web designers have rates that are much cheaper than the average local web designer.

Mistake #2. Choosing the wrong web designer near me. If you know of anyone in your area that has a new website that they are working on, contact them. Ask them if they would like to meet with any web designers near them to discuss their new website. Most people love the chance to help new website designers and get their advice, which can really help steer your new website into the right direction.

Mistake #3. Using a free custom mockup. Many local website designers charge a fee for any website design work, especially when it comes to a new website. If you don’t have the money to pay for a custom website design, then finding a great website designer may be impossible.

Mistake #4. No Public Relations. When most people think about a local website designer, they usually think only of a person they can visit, see, touch, talk to and hire. However, the best Internet savvy web designers have clients all over the world, as well as global clients from small countries such as India.

Mistake number 5. Not knowing enough about SEO techniques. When an Internet user types in a search query and comes across a web design firm, there is usually only one thing they look at – the web design company’s site.

Mistake number 6. Not having the latest website designing tools and technology. In this modern world of Internet marketing and website design, people think nothing new is available. Most of the time, new website designers who haven’t been online long forget to have the newest in web design tools and technology.

There you have it – six major mistakes to avoid when selecting a web design company. New, young, inexperienced web designers don’t do these six things properly, so their websites don’t stand out at all and are not visited by anyone. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many web designer mistakes you find on a new website design. Once it is online, it is live and took forever. It is better to make your selections wisely, starting with the basics and working your way up!

Number 7. No experience using website design tools such as Word press. This mistake often leads local web designers to use free blogging platforms such as Word press and Blogger, because they are unfamiliar with SEO (search engine optimization) and don’t know how to set up a blog.

They forget to do keyword research and therefore can’t target specific keywords for their web design company campaign landing page. It is important that you understand your audience and target them specifically when you write your web design campaign landing page content. For example, if you wanted to target dog lovers, you would write your content like “pet owners” and not “dog lovers”. Your landing page content needs to target dog lovers specifically!

Number 8. Poor usability and support for users. The most important thing web designers should remember is to provide quality customer service. Poor user experience can kill a web design company campaign and kill the chance of converting a visitor into a paying client.

Many times web designers will tell you they can offer free custom mockup websites that are top notch. They will claim they can create your website to match any budget and to match any desired business goal. While there are certainly some amazing free custom mockup sites out there, I have found most are over eight years old and have all kinds of technical problems. It’s important to invest in web designers who know how to work with modern platforms such as Word press and Twitter. Remember that the most important thing for a website is the user experience and that is why hiring experienced designers with a proven track record is the most important thing you can do for your website.