Website Maintenance Packages Can Make a Huge Difference

Website Maintenance Packages is an effective way to keep your site running smoothly. Website FX is an established top quality website maintenance service, helping companies all over the world to increase the functionality and security of their websites through an affordable service. Whether you are looking for an on-site service, monthly, weekly, or even after […]

Web Hosting – What Is It?

Website maintenance is simply the continuous process of maintaining the site error free and updated. You can also refer to it as the constant process of checking all sites to make them online, consumer-friendly, safe from damage, and updated. It could be adding new pages, adding new photos, updating graphics, updating software, fixing broken links, […]

Where To Buy Web Design Packages

There are several web design package options available on the internet today. Some packages may be more cost effective than others. For example, some packages give you all of the tools you need to create an attractive website without adding anything else. Other packages give you a lot more tools to add to your site […]

Responsive Website Design – Why It Matters

In response to the ever-increasing need for sites that are both aesthetically pleasing user-friendly, search engine optimized and mobile friendly, many web developers have been working on responsive website design over recent years. This particular design option aims to give a site the appearance of being both easy-to-use and adaptable for any use situation. In […]

How To Design A Responsive Website

Responsive websites are an exciting new way to design web pages so that web pages look great on various devices and varying screen sizes or browser window or device resolutions. Recent research also considers the reader proximity as a part of the reading context as an extension of RWD. It is a highly useful tool […]

Joomla Security Audit – Do it Yourself

If you have installed a Joomla site, you may have also received a security audit from your hosting company. There are several ways you can perform an assessment of your Joomla security: – How can do I help? Actively audit all of your Joomla files/directories and check that your file/ directory permissions are set correctly. […]

What is a WordPress Maintenance Packs?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that has been used in websites for many years. It is a free open source program, which means anyone can use it for any purpose. As such, WordPress is popular among web designers, developers, and people who have some knowledge of programming languages. This type of […]