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How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugin Developer

So you have been invited to an upcoming event, it’s a conference or workshop where you have to hire someone to write an application for you. What do you do? How do you choose the right WordPress developer for the job? There are many factors to consider when hiring a WordPress developer.

Firstly, what kind of experience do they have? Do they have any specific programming skills? How many different plugins have they developed? How much do you know about their background?

When looking at the various portfolios of WordPress plugin developers, take note of what type of software they offer. A good WordPress plugin developer should have a comprehensive portfolio with a large number of examples of their previous work. If they don’t have a list of their past projects, ask them to provide references. Ideally, you will want a WordPress developer with a solid background in one or twocodifiable languages (C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby) as well as an understanding of how to work with these languages.

You will also want to look at the coding skills of the WordPress plugin developer. Some programmers are skilled in Java, while others have demonstrated an understanding of Ruby on the rails (Rails). Look at their sample websites to see examples of their work and get a feel for the kind of code they are comfortable working with. The best developers have a wide range of WordPress plugins available and are able to create applications that integrate with both mobile and online shopping systems seamlessly.

WordPress plugin developers should be willing to provide documentation with every plugin they develop. Testimonials from other clients are a good indication of the quality you can expect from the freelance WordPress developer. Take a moment to read through their portfolio to get a feel for the level of functionality you can expect. Do not take these testimonials at face value, however, especially if many of the plugins available from them have functionality problems. Reading through their past project portfolios is a great way to gauge their writing abilities.

The most useful information you can gain about a potential freelance WordPress plugin developer is by contacting them directly. Most people who want to work as a developer will jump at the chance to talk with a current client so there is no need to hesitate when contacting someone directly to discuss your needs. Before you commit to anything, ask for their contact details so you can get some clarification on their work history and general coding abilities. Be careful to choose a programmer who has a proven track record of providing outstanding functionality, and who provides a free set of tutorials so that you can learn exactly how each step in the process works.

If you choose to work with a PHP based plugin repository then you should find that your functionality will be limited. Some developers limit the number of plugins they will create or offer support for, while others may only support a handful of common functions. As a result, it might be worthwhile considering working with an independent plugin maker instead of settling for the functionality provided by a given developer or plugin repository. Working with an independent PHP based development company will allow you to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and development of existing plugins, which can significantly enhance the functionality provided by WordPress.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a WordPress plugin developer is whether or not the developer utilizes a public or private PHP license for their work. A private license will protect your intellectual property rights in the plugin code while providing you with the opportunity to contribute back to the project in exchange for a financial fee. For most basic plugin development projects, this can be all you need to hire a professional PHP plugin developer. For more complicated and advanced plugin development, you might find that hiring a PHP developer with a public license is the best approach.