In order to carry out a Joomla Security Audit, a security system must be found and installed. The process can take weeks, if not months, depending on the complexity of the organization. Once the system is installed, it will be monitoring the web site.

The first step to an audit is to create a list of all employees who will be using the system, and their roles. This is typically done by simply inputting the employee name and number into the system. A system that records this information is more accurate than a list that can be inputted manually.

The second step in the audit is to verify the setup of the security module. This is generally done by entering a code into the system and waiting for the server to display the password. If no code is entered, the system will display the administrator. Any change in password passwords will automatically alert the administrator.

Once the login page has been entered, the system will present a log in form. Once entered, the user must enter a password. Once a password is entered, the user must verify his/her email address. Once a user enters a valid email address, the system will email the information to the security module.

Once the email has been sent, the system will present the user with an information sheet containing the password and information needed for the account. The sheet will provide the user with security questions and security answers to use in the next phase of the system.

The second phase is called the verification phase. It is used to validate the information given by the user. The information is to be verified to make sure that the user is, in fact, authorized to use the account.

The third phase is called the assignment phase. In this phase, the information is given to users. The user is then required to confirm his/her password and email address.

Once the user confirms their email address and password, the system will show a report detailing the users. The report will contain a summary of the users as well as the completed stages of the system. There may be additional reports, but these are the basics.

During the system, an official will be present to inspect the system. The official will review the security module for any potential problems.

After the inspection, the system will be moved to a staging area. This is a quiet place where the system will be monitored for up to a week. This is done to ensure that any security flaws are fixed before they become a problem.

Once the system is given its final test, it will be brought back to the staging area. This is where the system will be tested for a period of time to check for any potential security flaws. After this period, the system will be returned to the control room and the system can be restarted.

Setting up a security system is never a straightforward task. There are many details that need to be followed so that everything is correctly configured and the system is working properly. With proper research and help from a professional, the task of setting up a secure Joomla Security Audit is an easy task.