While there are many web design packages available for a quick and easy installation, some packages are very powerful, even to the point of replacing the web designer entirely. Some packages include all the tools needed to get a new website up and running in a matter of minutes, or to create a complete design package from scratch.

One of the most popular and effective of these design packages are MooTools. It is an online web design package that allows you to run a site with no programming experience whatsoever.

It runs on your favorite browser and allows you to easily design a user interface, with no programming knowledge required. This package also includes PHP to help you add content, SEO text and images, a database to store your website content, a live monitoring script and much more.

MooTools is available for free download at its website. Installation is easy, but requires a user name and password. There is an option to sign up for a pro account to be able to use this feature.

The best of these web design packages do not come cheap. However, if you consider the features and benefits of each package as well as the speed and features, it is a good idea to pay for a package that provides a package for free.

In many cases, these packages will include an upgrade for a certain price, which could save you money in the long run. Many packages will give you the option to choose the base language and additional languages if you want to continue to use it for your website.

The packages are available both on and off line. Be sure to consider all the features before choosing a package that fits your needs.

Another consideration you should have is the site builder you select for the various packages. You want a package that will be easy to install, has a maintenance tool and that will give you the space you need to set up your new website.

A big advantage to using web design packages is the fact that you will have an easy time creating your own site, rather than spending weeks trying to learn how to create a website. If you need someone to do all the coding, it could be more cost effective to choose to use a package.

Site builders are often included in packages, so check around. Many companies have site builders built into their package, and sometimes they are just easier to use than a builder would be.

If you do find a package that meets your needs, it is a good idea to do some comparison shopping to find the package that offers the most features and is the most affordable. Compare price and features and consider getting more than one package for the best value.