Why Service Companies Love Web Design Services In the competitive world of today, it’s smart to look to experts in order to get your web presence up and running. You have so many options when it came to web design services, so why pick on us? Since 2021, Blue Corona specializes in creating unique, high converting, income Driving web sites for home-based service providers and contractors alike. In fact, they are constantly on the lookout for ways to better serve their clients!

Building a compelling, creative and user experience driven website is a challenge that many companies face. It is necessary to stay current with emerging trends in web design services, and to stay ahead of competitors who have more resources and the means to offer cutting edge services. Blue Corona focuses on delivering exceptional web designs that increase traffic, generate leads and increase revenue. They provide award-winning, custom web design services that include:

Flexibility: Blue Corona offers a wide range of flexible web design services, including customized HTML programming. This allows them to create customized pages, or even a “website builder” if needed. The ability to use HTML, XML and PHP could offer additional services such as accepting credit cards, designing email accounts, setting up blogs and much more. Anytime it’s convenient and helpful, it’s a smart move for clients and contractors.

Wegify WordPress: Wegify is an awesome way to boost your search engine rankings. WordPress is extremely popular, and it continues to grow in popularity. With WordPress, web design services companies can add great functionality and interactivity. Wegify provides many themes to enhance your web design. Just a few of the available themes include:

Social Media Marketing: Social media is quickly becoming one of the most popular strategies for generating online traffic. Millions of people are logging on each day to share ideas, thoughts and experiences. To get the attention of those visitors, social media marketing is essential. Blue Corona offers award-winning web design services that integrate social media marketing in all of their projects. The combination of SEO, content and social media marketing creates a powerful combination.

Analytics: The process of building a brand and creating awareness takes time. It requires careful planning and monitoring. Blue Corona utilizes state-of-the-art analytics technology to ensure client and contractor success. They provide client analytics such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and many others. When combined with social media marketing, it becomes easier to build a customer base, understand audience behavior and create a customized website that delivers results.

Creative Logo Design: Clients want to know what works. It’s important that designers have a plan to make changes easily and consistently. Once the creative process is underway, it’s crucial to track progress and make suggested changes as needed. A web design firm with experience can easily incorporate SEO, analytics and branding ideas that provide long-term value to clients.

Freelance Web Design: Many online businesses struggle to adequately meet their needs when they outsource their web design services. Without access to quality, professional themes and tools, freelance web design companies struggle to stay current or develop in an effective manner. Asking a reliable agency to do most of the work allows web design companies to provide their clients with quality work while avoiding the frustration of procrastinating or dealing with shoddy workmanship. Blue Corona uses several premium themes to give their clients the ultimate website experience.

Google Analytics: While Google analytics is the most widely used tracking tool available, web design clients could also benefit from a custom analytics solution tailored to their specific business. Google analytics works by collecting information from the regular activities of your site visitors including where they go, how long they stay and what pages they see. You could offer clients custom reports based on their individual industry, such as healthcare or industrial equipment providers. Google analytics collects detailed information that clients can analyze to help them improve the effectiveness of their online presence and build their brand.

Comprehensive SEO Services: In order for a business to succeed online, they need to have a comprehensive plan to increase traffic and turn lead into sales. Google analytics offers detailed insight into which keywords and key phrases are bringing in the most visitors and which are not making much money. Clients should also take advantage of Google’s other digital marketing tools, such as its Google insights and Google page relevancy. Web design companies can offer comprehensive SEO solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. Clients can also rely on their web designers to optimize their existing content by adding relevant keywords and improving the layout and content formatting, as well as using strategically placed alt tags and meta tags to get better search engine rankings.

Keyword Research: The success of a website does not happen overnight, which is why it is so important to employ an effective keyword research strategy. Many companies do not take the time to conduct thorough keyword research, which means that they could potentially be missing out on a large clientele. Keyword research could involve anything from performing research on competitors to collecting feedback from current and potential clients. Clients should also ask their designers to perform competitor analysis for them. Clients should research keyword phrases that will rank high on search engines; however, they should make sure that their web designers are able to incorporate those phrases into their design. Clients should ensure that their chosen company provides the tools and SEO services that will allow them to compete with other businesses in their industry.